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Terms & Conditions

Lost, Missing and Broken Items:

- Item must be returned clean, undamaged and complete. Care must be taken to ensure all pieces of the item are accounted for. Please ensure water toys are dry.
- If a piece of toy is damaged and /or broken or missing, a fine is payable by the concerned Member as assessed by the TOYZ GARDEN committee.

Note: Fines will be reasonable and would take into account the age of the item, the popularity of the item and if the missing piece can be replaced or if the entire item requires replacement.

- If an item is missing, the item will be held by the library and remain on the Member's card for an agreed period of the time or until the piece is found.
- If the piece is not found within the agreed period of time then, fine would be levied on the member for the missing pieces.
- If the missing piece is returned before TOYZ GARDEN has purchased a replacement piece the member will be reimbursed the fined amount.
- If an item is broken whilst on load the item will be removed from borrowing for maintenance. If the item is repairable, it will be repaired and returned for borrowing. The member is entitled to pay the repair cost.
- If an item is totally lost, irreparably damaged, or rendered useless then the member will be charged a reasonable replacement cost as assessed by the TOYZ GARDEN committee.
- The Member must count the pieces of the item prior to borrowing.
- If the item is incomplete, the member must ensure details of the missing pieces or pieces are recorded by the librarian prior to receiving the item from TOYZ GARDEN. Otherwise it will be assumed that the member has lost the piece or pieces of the item