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Frequently Asked Questions
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash and cheques at present. We are currently building an online payment facility into our website which can also be used for payment in the future. We will meet you at a mutually decided location and time to complete the formalities.
How fast can I expect to receive the toys? Are there any delivery charges?
Toys, Puzzles/Books/CD’s can be booked for renting throughout the week by selecting them online or sending us an email or calling us. We will deliver it to you at the end of the week according to fixed time slots. The toys that are being returned will be picked up at the same time. There are no delivery and pickup charges.
Can I rent toys for parties?
Yes, you can rent toys specifically for parties even without being a member of the ToyzGraden. The daily rental is as low as Rs.50/- for a toy. Non-members will have to pay a registration fee of Rs.100/- and a refundable deposit. Click here for more details.
Do you clean and sanitize your toys?
At ToyzGarden, we take utmost care to ensure the toy rented out is in good physical condition and has been properly sanitized. We conduct a physical inspection of the toys and they are thoroughly rinsed in soap water and Dettol and wiped dry. Toy sanitizer is sprayed for toys that cannot be washed. Cleaned toys are then stored in containers and are ready to be rented out again.
Is there a deposit? How much is it?
The deposits on the plans are refundable within 15 days when you terminate your relationship with us. Deposit varies according to the plan you take as it depends on the number of items you can take at a time. Click here for more details.
How do I rent toys?
You can rent toys by selecting them online or by email/calling us. You will be allowed to rent toys based on the membership plan that you have chosen. Using the online option is preferred as it will provide you information about the toys with its benefits and also let you know if it is available for renting. You need to be registered member of ToyzGarden to rent toys.

Currently you will need to download the catalogue/request for a printed catalogue to have a look at the collection to choose toys for rent.
How do I purchase gift vouchers?
Gift vouchers can be purchased online or by emailing/calling us. The gift vouchers come in three denominations for your convenience. They can be printed or emailed to the recipient or we will provide you a gift voucher card that you can personally gift. The recipient will need to pay a refundable deposit to rent out items from the library. The gift voucher is non-redeemable in cash and is valid for usage for a month within a year from the date of purchase. Click here for more details.
Can I buy toys from the library?
Yes, we can help you with the purchase of a fresh piece of any toy you like and you can also avail attractive discounts on the same. Email/call us with your request.
How do I search for a particular toy?
You can search for the toys based on category (toy, puzzle, book, cd), age group, activity (such as playsets, games, musical toys etc) and multiple intelligence. Additionally you can also filter the list by choosing to search for available toys only. Long Term Plan members can choose the "Long Term Toys Only" option to view only the items available for long term renting. If you would like to find a particular toy, use the toy search on the toy catalogue page.
Can I book a toy in advance?
Yes, you can book an item in advance. If you have already rented out items from ToyzGarden, you can opt to return them by selecting "return" online. You will then be able to replenish by selecting an available toy that will be delivered to you at the end of the week. Email/Call us if you need particular toys on a particular date. Currently, give us a call/email us with the toys you would like for the exchange and we will pick up the ones you have during delivery.
What kind of toys do you keep in the library?
At ToyzGarden, we keep branded toys which meet international safety standards. These are inspected by us to ensure quality. We also have book and CD’s from popular authors and publishers to make ToyzGarden a one stop shop for all your child's needs.
What if I don't find a toy of choice? Can I suggest one?
Definitely! You can do this online by sendinging us an email using the "Reach Us" page or by calling us. We will evaluate its benefits and will add it to our collection if it meets the safety standards and is high on multiple intelligences.
Can I come and visit the library?
Since we are an online library, we do not promote a meeting at our premises. But if you would like to see our setup, please do call us and we will arrange for the same. Rest assured that we are committed to providing your child a clean and safe toy to play with.
Is it safe for my infant?
All the toys in ToyzGarden are chosen carefully and adhere to high quality and safety standards. They are extremely child friendly. The range of toys for infants is plenty and they are sanitized as per international standards. If you want to inspect the toys, give us a call and you can come and visit us.
How do I become a member?
Choose a plan and duration according to your needs and we will collect payments from your residence. Along with your monthly rental, there is a one-time registration fee of Rs.100/- and a refundable deposit that needs to be paid to become a member. Please browse through all our plans to pick the one that suits you the best to make our relationship with you pleasurable.
I am visiting Pune for a short while. Can I become a member?
Yes, you can either go for a Regular Rental Plan for a shorter period or you can take our Vacation plan that will enable you to get MORE items from the library where you can either choose to return them every week or keep it for a maximum of a month.
I am not sure how it will work for me? Can I try it out for a short while?
You can definitely try out our Regular Rental Plan for a minimum of a month. This will entitle you to exchange toys every week and give you a feel of our services and access to our collection.
How can I renew or upgrade my plan?
Renewal or Upgradation can be done online and we will collect any additional payments, if any, from your residence. You can also email/call us to renew/upgrade your membership. Upgrade of the plan can be done at any time and any advance paid to us will be adjusted for the same. You will be notified by email within 15 days of the expiry of your membership.
How do I discontinue?
Please give us a call to inform us that you would like to terminate your relationship with us. This can be done at any time. We will refund the deposit and any advance that you have paid, by cheque, within 15 days from the day of notice.
I won't be in town for 1 month. Can I shift my membership by that period?
Yes. We are open to carrying forward your membership for the duration that you are unavailable to use our services. The duration, though, needs to be minimum of a month. You will not be entitled to rent any items during this time. Please inform us when you are back and we will renew our relationship.
My kids' friends are coming for playdate. Do you have toys for this occasion?
Yes, we have a lot of toys that cater to the interpersonal intelligence of your child. Having play dates makes the child more social and people smart. There are games, role play toys, party toys etc that ensures in making a playdate lots of fun. You can avail of the Party Plan if you would like to rent out a lot more toys and it is only for a day. If you are not a registered member of ToyzGarden, you will need to pay a registration fee of Rs.100/- and a refundable deposit for the same.
I am going out on vacation for 20-25 days. Can I rent toys for that period?
You will need to avail of the Vacation Plan to enable you to rent toys for a month. It also provides you the prospect of taking more toys to keep your children occupied for the month. As part of the Regular Rental Plan, we do not advocate using the items for more than two weeks, especially if they are "in-demand" toys. On a Regular Rental Plan, we will charge a late fee for the toys you have rented out, if we are not informed about the same.
I am not sure whether my baby will sit in a high chair/car seat. Can I take it for a short duration?
We understand that children can be very fussy about using prams, car seats, high chairs etc. So at ToyzGarden we provide you the option to rent these out rather than buy them. These items are things that the child grows out of in a span of 3 – 6 months too and add the additional hassle of storage. Rent these items for a minimum of a month and a maximum of 3 months with a renewable option.
What is a ToyzGraden and whom is it meant for?
A ToyzGraden is where a member can rent toys for their children and return it once the use is over. It has a lot of benefits such as having a variety of quality toys to choose from, keeping children occupied with interesting toys and books, having a clutter free home and many more. ToyzGarden has toys for the age group of 1 to 8 years.
How long can I keep a toy?
This is based on the plan. In a regular plan, the period is 1 week, but a member can renew once if the toy/book/puzzle/CD has not been requested by someone else. In a vacation plan, the items can be rented out for a month though there is an option of returning toys for exchange every week. Toys taken for a party should be returned within a day of the party. Prams, Car seats etc are considered as long term items and can be rented for a minimum of 1 month.
What if a toy breaks or parts of a toy are lost?
ToyzGarden has taken due care in selecting toys that are of good quality and are sturdy. However in the unlikely event of any damage then ToyzGarden tries to replace the broken/lost parts and charge the replacement parts only. In case we are not able to replace the parts, the cost of the toy (depending on toy’s condition) will have to be borne by the member. Toys will be checked once returned to ensure it is in good condition before it is rented out again.
How do I extend the rental for the same toy?
Call or send us an email and let us know if you want to extend the duration and in case there are no bookings on the toy then we will extend the period for another week.
Can I rent toys for a short period?
Yes, there are plans for short term rentals like the vacation plan and long term plan. Click here for more information.